Pdfnow is a cloud based pdf generator for server applications. It can be used via the internet, no local software or installation is required. A simple webservice call will generate the document and returns you a temporary URL to download or process the final document.

The pdfnow generator operates with a template mechanism. You can layout various templates for different document types (e.g. letters for business correspondence, invoice, reports, etc). Once you have uploaded the templates, you can use them for your documents.

To integrate pdfnow in your php code, you can also use our php adapter. Including a simple code your project, you can generate PDFs simply by calling a trivial php function. It could not be easier.


1 – Sign Up and get your API-Key

After registration you can access your API-Key. The API-Key is required for calling the API. You can find your API-Key in the user backend (→ UserArea/getAPIKey)

Register now API Key anzeigen

2 – Create and upload Template

pdfnow offers an powerful template mechanism to create professional looking PDF-outputs. To start, you have to upload your first template here (→ UserArea/TemplateUpload).

Download sample templates

Instead of creating your template completely from scratch, you can download one of our sample templates, modify it and upload it to your account. (→ Documentation / Sample Templates)

Read more about the template syntax and supporting tools: Documentation – Templates (→ Documentation/Templates)

Upload your own template

3 – Integrate PHP adapter

Download the php adapter, and follow the configuration and installation instructions: php adapter (→ Documentation/phpAdapter/Installation). Having finish the few steps you can start generating your documents.


Download PHP-Adapter Integration Guide